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         The Department of Mineral Resources, in association with Petroleum concessionaires and various service companies in the petroleum business in Thailand have established the Technical Petroleum Training Institute (TPTI), an independent non-profit organization, in year 2000. The purpose of TPTI is to provide training services focusing on health, safety, environment, technology and related fields for personnel working in the petroleum exploration and production industry.

        With the establishment of the Ministry of Engergy in 2002, TPTI has been assigned by the Department of Mineral Fuels to act as the core institute in providing international standards for training courses in the petroleum exploration and production business. TPTI, with the cooperation and support from the petroleum companies who have their own training centers will jointly organize training courses on health, safety, environment, technology and related fields. Courses that are needed in the petroleum field, but not available from any training center in the country will also be organized to fulfill the needs of the companies. TPTI will also set up our own training centers, in order to facilitate customers, as many as TPTI can in the areas over the country that have insufficient training center.

        The joint cooperation between TPTI and the petroleum companies will help TPTI become the center for training, transferring and developing technology related to the petroleum exploration and production operations in accordance with accepted international standards. TPTI will also provide assistance in securing national manpower to support the operations of petroleum exploration and production thereby ensuring that Thailand’s oil and gas industry can operate in emergency situations without interruption to the power generation of the nation.