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Period 2 days
Max./Min. Class Size 20 / 6
Registration Fee 16,500 Baht (VAT 7% not included)
Venue Bangpu / Lankrabue / Songkhla Training Center or Client facility
Excursion Time N/A
Night Work Required
Certificate TPTI (Validity period is 3 years.)
Meals & Break Included
Pre Course Requirement

Course Overview

The course aims to provide knowledge and skills required to safety manage a stretcher bound casualty in hazardous situations.

Who Should Attend

All field personnel

Course Outline

On completion of the course, participants will have the skills and knowledge necessary to:

  • Secure a casualty in a stretcher
  • Manage a stretcher casualty in a hazardous situation
  • Rig a stretcher for raising and / or lowering a casualty in an industrial environment
  • Rescue a casualty from a confined space or raised platform
  • Act as a leader with untrained personnel in stretcher training of casualties


TPTI Certificate. Validity period is 3 years.

Schedule Available

• As requested

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