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Production Engineering

Period 3 days
Max./Min. Class Size 30 / 6
Registration Fee 25,500 Baht (VAT 7% not included)
Venue Bangkok / Bangpu / Laemchabang Training Center or Client facility
Certificate TPTI
Meals & Break Included

Course Overview

The course aims to provide fundamental of reservoir gas flow and emphasize the importance of flow regime and non-Darcy flow on test design and interpretation for new wells and for the possibility of improving the performance of older wells. Student will calculate and determine the effect of each system component on total well performance, which permits optimum sizing of tubing, flowline, separator, and compressor. Formation damage, gas well de-watering, hydrate formation, water influx, and abnormal reservoir pressure problems are reviewed as well as field gas processing.

Who Should Attend?

Production, reservoir, and facilities engineers and others involved in gas production, transportation, and storage including field supervisors

Course Outline

  • Gas property (real gas behavior, equation of state, phase behavior)
  • Reservoir performance (well test, stabilized inflow performance, turbulence and skin effect, perforation effect, abnormal pressure effect, deliverability)
  • Flow in pipe and restriction (pressure Loss, multiphase flow, flow regimes, hold-up correlation, tubing and flowline size effect)
  • Liquid loading effect and liquid removal method
  • Type and selection of compressor
  • Concept and design of flow metering
  • Gas condensate reservoir
  • Gas cycling
  • Hydrate formation
  • Nodal analysis
  • Water coning prevention
  • Gas well production optimization
  • Gas Processing

Schedule Available

•    As requested

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