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Period 2 days
Max./Min. Class Size 30 / 6
Registration Fee 16,500 Baht (VAT 7% not included)
Venue Bangkok / Bangpu / Leamchabang Training Center or Client facility
Excursion Time N/A
Night Work Required
Certificate TPTI
Meals & Break Included

Course Overview

The course introduces the history of Thailand upstream Oil & Gas industry, starting from the granting of the concession area, Thailand’s related Petroleum Laws and Regulations, Exploration & Production periods, Drilling and Production Processes, Details of Loyalties, Taxes, Duties, Joint Development Areas and etc. Participants will be able to gain knowledge on Exploration, Drilling, Production and Oil & Gas Transportation processes, until final Oil & Gas utilizations.

Who Should Attend?

All new comers in related Oil & Gas disciplines both in upstream and down stream sectors. Nontechnical & technical staff who want to have some exposures in this industry.

Course Outline

  • Overview of Exploration / Drilling/ Production Activities.
  • Relationship of government agencies in Thailand E&P Industry.
  • Petroleum Exploration & Production in Thailand.
  • Permitting, monitoring, auditing and etc.
  • Origin of oil and gas/Petroleum Geology
  • Prospecting of Petroleum.
  • Seismic Operation.
  • Risk/Uncertainty in Exploration stage.
  • Drilling, Casing & Cementing.
  • Well Logging, Testing, Completion, work over, pressure control , etc.
  • Site Selection.
  • Production & Processing Facilities.
  • Water Treatment.
  • Transportation of Products.
  • Environmental Aspect & Management.
  • Abandonment & Restoration

Schedule Available

• As requested

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