HS93 Advanced Scaffolding (Onshore)

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Period 2 days
Max./Min. Class Size 12 / 6
Registration Fee 13,500 Baht (VAT 7% not included)
Venue Bangpu / Leamchabang / Lankrabue / Songkhla Training Center or Client facility
Excursion Time N/A
Night Work Required
Certificate TPTI (Validity Period is 3 years.)
Meals & Break Included
Pre Course Requirement SCAFF (Onshore)

Course Overview

This course provides the theoretical knowledge of scaffolding structures and practical skill required to safely establishing and altered on Slung scaffolding structures, erected from standard tubes and fittings. Recognize safety hazards in the scaffolds listed. Know and take the appropriate action to prevent or remedy a hazard in the scaffolds listed.

Who Should Attend

All personnel/Scaffolders who passed the Onshore Basic Scaffolding Course, supervisors and safety personnel involved with scaffolding operations. All personnel who participate in Scaffolding course must be in possession of a valid TPTI WAH certificate or a suitable alternative certificate recognized by TPTI.

Course Outline

By the end of the program, participants will have the knowledge to identify, list, describe and/or demonstrate;

  •     An outline of the requirements for scaffolding including personal and worksite safety, protection of other.
  •     Identification and use of the common forms of scaffolds with emphasis on British Standard tube/coupling type, common fittings and accessories.
  •     Use, inspection and maintenance of safety equipment including Full Body Harness with Absorber Lanyard by following manufacturer’ instructions.
  •     Preparation, use, inspection and maintenance of scaffolding materials.
  •     Use, inspection and maintenance of ladders, Gin wheel.
  •     Know and practice the required for safety inspection of all types of scaffolding structures.
  •     Preparation, use, inspection and maintenance of scaffolding materials.
  •     Understand the planned work and the hazards involved.
  •     Recognize safety hazards in the scaffolds listed.


TPTI Certificate. Validity period is 3 years.

Schedule Available

• As requested

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