HS-ST06 Advanced Fire Fighting

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Period 4 days
Max./Min. Class Size 16 / 6
Registration Fee 52,800 Baht (VAT 7% not included)
Venue Bangpu / Laemchabang / Songkhla Training Center
Certificate STCW (Validity period is 5 years.)
Meals & Break Included
Pre Course Requirement STCW Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

Course Overview

During the course participants will demonstrate to a minimum standard of competence set out in STCW: Table A-VI/3 Advanced Fire Fighting.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for all seafarers designated to take charge and control of firefighting operations in an emergency situation. The course covers requirements specified by the IMO STCW.

Course Outline

  • Basic Fire Prevention Fighting
  • Areas of Fire Hazards and Precautions
  • Portable and Fixed Extinguishing Systems
  • Organization of Fire Parties and Fire Team Operations
  • Control of Fire Fighting Operations
  • Chain of Command
  • Communication and Co-ordination of Fire Fighting Operations
  • Damage Control and Containment of Fires / Stability Considerations
  • Strategies, Tactical Procedures and Management of Ventilation
  • Breathing Apparatus and BA Control Procedures
  • Search and Rescue Procedures
  • Management and Control of Injured Personnel
  • Inspection and Servicing of Fire Appliances
  • Fire Investigation and Compiling Reports

Schedule Available

• As requested

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