HS-ST02 Personal Survival Techniques

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Period 1 day
Max./Min. Class Size 20 / 6
Registration Fee 18,400 Baht (VAT 7% not included)
Venue Leamchabang / Songkhla Training Center
Excursion Time N/A
Night Work Required
Certificate STCW
Meals & Break Included
Pre Course Requirement

Course Overview

The course aims to provide knowledge and skills so that seafarers can take immediate action when confronted by an emergency situation which may threaten their personal survival, such as collision, fire, foundering and ship abandonment.

Who Should Attend

All seafarers

Course Outline

Acquire competence in the theory and practice of the following:

  • Types of life-saving appliances normally carried on ships
  • Equipment in Survival Craft
  • Location of personal life-saving appliances
  • Principles concerning survival at sea including:
    • Value of training and drills
    • Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment (PPE)
    • The need to be prepared for any emergency
    • Actions to be taken when called to survival craft stations
    • Actions to be taken when required to abandon ship/offshore installation
    • Actions to be taken when in the water
    • Actions to be taken when aboard a survival craft (life raft etc.)
    • Main dangers to survivors
    • Rescue Techniques


STCW certificate. Validity period is 5 years.

Schedule Available

• As requested

Catalog : Health, Safety & Environment.