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Period 1 day
Max./Min. Class Size 30 / 10
Registration Fee 8,900 Baht (VAT 7% not included)
Venue Bangkok / Bangpu / Leamchabang Training Center or Client facility
Certificate TPTI
Meals & Break Included

Course Overview

One serious problem facing organizations that employ a large diversity of workers, who speaks different languages and come from different cultures and backgrounds, is the lack of “synchronization”. Most, if not all, employees of international organizations continuously encounter problems adapting into a diverse working environment. This resulted from the lack of understanding of different working cultures and miscommunication, which in turn would hinder overall productivity.

Who Should Attend

This course is suited for companies whose employees are diverse in terms of cultures, languages and backgrounds. The course aims to orchestrate strong synchronization of individuals in a bid to promote maximum productivity.
Employees: Promote the correct understanding and ways to build strong relationships amongst employees
Company: Maximize the productivity through solid teamwork, while minimizing unnecessary costs involving human errors

Course Outline

A machine, even with state-of-the-art technology, will not be able to work effectively even if only one single “nut” is too loose or too tight. So as a company or a team, no matter how large, cannot function at its best if a personnel (the Nut) is inefficient. Thus it is necessary to fine tune each “nut” to enable a smooth and efficient operation of the organization. This, we believe, is an essential key, which will shift your organization into a higher gear and ensure maximum productivity output of the company.

  • What is the meaning of “The Nut”?
  • We can’t change “The Nut”
  • How the Nut works?
  • How to wheel the Nut effectively?
  • Let’s shift your organization into a higher gear

Schedule Available

• As requested

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