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Period 1 day
Max./Min. Class Size 30 / 10
Registration Fee 8,900 Baht (VAT 7% not included)
Venue Bangkok / Bangpu / Leamchabang Training Center or Client facility
Certificate TPTI
Meals & Break Included

Course Overview

This course is based on the theory of “mind controls the body and the brain”, which focuses on creating positive perceptions and attitudes towards other team members, in a bid to maximize the coordinating functions of the body and the mind within each individual and that of the working team.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for companies and specific departments that may have difficulties
strengthening the efficiency and professionalism of their staffs, as a result of misperceptions. A most common example would be the failure to differentiate between personal and working matters, which would consequently result in missed datelines, misinterpretation of facts and internal conflicts amongst employees.
Employees: Creating new and positive perceptions amongst employees. This would help strengthen team work, as well as the working environment, while promoting the  development of each individual.
Company: Maximize the productivity through a more solid team of employees, while minimizing unnecessary costs involving inefficient individuals.

Course Outline

  • What’s your view towards your organization?
  • What’s wrong with your vision?
  • Start maximizing your vision
  • How to adapt to your job?
  • How to efficiently adjust and communicate with your co-workers?
  • “I see the world from different eyes”

Schedule Available

• As requested

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